Happy Independence Day!


Hello Penguins!, Now do the 235 anniversary of Independence Day in USA, and we are all celebrating!.

Also our first post in english!! :D…

We Toonix english speaking we say that those who are here in the United States have so much fun today, because it is our 235 years, imagine all those years of freedom!, it is much!! Wooow!.

Also CelebraToon can not miss our special holiday never fails to close to our blog,so I always say celebrate with you! ;).

If you celebrate, do it moderately, ok?.

Thats all folks!

Keep in touch!

– Twister 001 and The Toonix!



3 Responses to “Happy Independence Day!”

  1. Club Penguin Fiesta! Says:

    Happy 4 July!

  2. Catalanes Says:

    congratulations, happy day july’4 USA

  3. Jessa Says:

    USA Is My Friend xD

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